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WordPress 2.1 vs New Blogger

I’ve been using Blogger since mid of 2005. When Blogspot finally decided to enhance Blogger, I was so excited to test on Beta Blogger, which has graduated to New Blogger now.

Yes, New Blogger is more attractive than Old Blogger. New Blogger introduces Technorati tag support which they call it as label, customization of Blogger template made easier for newbie by the drag-and-drop widgets, Ajax-feel of color and font change within the Blogger template customization page, etc.

The reasons of maintaining my blog with New Blogger are that it’ is free, easy to start and blog immediately! There are not much of settings to configure, and most of these settings are quite straight-forward. However, these main attractions of New Blogger are soon become its drawbacks too.

New Blogger vs WordPress 2.1

Wordpress 2.1 vs New Blogger

New Blogger has a very limited set of blog template and most of them are 2-column style of templates. Although some New Blogger supporters have seriously developing nicer templates, but the number of quality and impressive templates are still very little. The ultimate New Blogger hacking source that I like the most is Hackosphere of Ramani. If you like Gmail or OWA web-mail, you will like his great Neo template design for New Blogger.

WordPress 2.1 has few hundreds of impressive blog template (which is better known as theme) to choose from. The official WordPress theme database is the best place to look for WordPress theme, allows users to filter WordPress theme by date of submission, by popularity, or by rating, that are available from single column up to 4-column CSS template design. Most of the WordPress themes are not short of amazing graphic and color combination.

When Blospot.com announces their Beta Blogger, not every Blogger users are switched to test on Beta Blogger. When New Blogger is ready, everyone who is using Blogger has to migrate to New Blogger without condition. WordPress, on the other hand, allows me to decide my own pace to proceed or stop upgrading to newer version of WordPress. Of course, this is only applicable if I am hosting WordPress blog on third party hosting site such as Blue Host instead of using the free-of-charge WordPress blogging services such as Blogsome.

New Blogger provides free-of-charge blogging service and allow user to associate custom domain with the blog created in New Blogger. WordPress offers free-of-charge blogging service as well at WordPress Free Blog or its associated partners such as Blogsome.com. However, WordPress supports custom domain and also create a database (using MYSQL platform) locally at user’s hosting server that is used to store all the blog posts, registered users information, blog statistics, etc. That’s mean WordPress user has the total control of owning the blog!

Both New Blogger and WordPress support multiple authors within a blog. With New Blogger, blog owner has to manually add a new member. In WordPress, however, th process is automatically! WordPress allows blog owner turns on the user registration link for anyone to register as a new member. The advanced user access control of WordPress blogging system allows the blog owner to set each of the new register user of his blog to a default role, for example contributor role.
There are altogether 5 roles defined in WordPress 2.0, namely Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber.

Before WordPress 2.0, it was the user access level control. There are altogether 11 user access levels in WordPress prior to version 2.0, ranging from level 0 to level 10.

Summary of roles in WordPress 2.0 or higher
  • Administrator is the superuser
  • Editor can publish posts, manage posts, and manage other people’s posts
  • Author can publish and manage their own posts
  • Contributor can write and manage their posts but not publish posts
  • Subscriber can read comments, write comment, and receive news letters

In the earlier day, search engines rely on meta tag to index websites. Although meta tags are less important today, meta tags still carrying certain percentage or weight in search engine optimization techniques. If you’re using Google Adsense, meta tags with keywords and description help to get more focus and relevant ads too! I am not aware of any hacks to automatically adding meta tags for each of the New Blogger posts. With WordPress, I am certainly using a great plugin to add unique meta tag keywords and description for each of the blog posts in WalkerNews.net!

Frustrated to add Google Adsense in New Blogger? Yes, I am. It was so easy and straight-forward to add Google Adsense in Old Blogger html template. In New Blogger, however, I’ve to take risks to tweak the Adsense code in order to get it display in New Blogger! Although, there are Blogger users who have found the legal way of tweaking Adsense code for New Blogger templates, or to implement Adsense revenue sharing scheme in New Blogger by dynamically switching Google Adsense code according each blog post’s author. In WordPress, users have much more options and easier implementations of Google Adsense in WordPress template. For example, AdSense Sharing Revenue and Earnings System of Ayanev.com is great for multiple authors blog to fairly sharing Adsense revenue, Adsense Deluxe is another great Adsense deployment plugin for WordPress, or you can simply make use of “trigger text” to embed Google Adsense inside the post body at an arbitrary position of each blog post, etc.
Trigger text is something like <!–more–>, which is used in WordPress. Is it familiar to you when you look at the Google Adsense code?

With this approach, users can add user-defined trigger text in each blog post, at the position where the Adsense is expected to appear. When web browser rendering blog post, PHP code of WordPress will load Google Adsense code at position where trigger text resides.

So, you can have Adsense display in the middle of one post, and add Adsense in a quarter position of another blog post. Eventually, it seems that each blog post are dynamically position Google Adsense instead of having Adsense displayed at a static or fix position!

Later, if you want to take out Adsense from displaying at the position of trigger text, all you’ve to do is just to delete the Adsense code from the WordPress PHP page. The unused trigger text will remain hidden when a web browser rendering the blog post!

New Blogger is definitely a blogging platform. WordPress could be a content management system cum blogging system. In WordPress 2.1, you can create unlimited static web pages (such as Contact page, About page, etc). In addition, WordPress powered blog can be set to open for public user registration in a register-user-managed manner!

While using New Blogger, most of my New Blogger template customization tricks are referred to New Blogger 3-column template peekaboo of Hackosphere and few of its recommended New Blogger hacking sites. But, that number of New Blogger customization tricks are too little as compare to those WordPress customization tips that made available in WordPress plugins database! If I can’t find the New Blogger customization tips with Hackosphere or alike, that’s mean I’ve to wait or hack it myself. But, I found that WordPress plugins database contains most, if not all, of the blog features that every blogger are looking for!

For example, bsuite plugin can be used to track the blog post performance, inserts the search terms used by visitors who arriving at your blog via search engine, display the most read blog posts or recent comments in sidebar, highlight search keywords used by visitors who arriving at your blog post via search engine, list related blog posts of your blog at the bottom of the current post’s content by comparing the tags and title of all posts in the your blog database, etc.

Secure Form Mailer plugin create a secure mailer form with image verification, to easily and securely allow blog readers to contact blog author via a email form.

Be sociable and feel free to share! Internet is open to all. Many readers like to share a good article with others via social bookmarking services such as Digg, Del.icio.us, Technorati, etc. Sociable plugin made it extremely easy to automatically adding each of your favorite bookmarking service sites representing in icons at the end of each blog post! Currently, Sociable version 2 supports up to 64 social bookmarking sites, including the popular Digg.com, Del.icio.us, Technorati, and alike.

Besides social bookmarking, most readers like to interact with author and/or other readers of the post by leaving a comment. It’s sort of a forum feature! Subscribe To Comments 2.1 plugin add a check box near to the comment form. When checked, the blog readers who write the comment for the blog post will get an email notification upon a new reply or new comment left in the blog post. Of course, your readers can also subscribe to comments via RSS or ATOM. But, there are no reasons to limit your readers to get notified of updates made on your posts.

Do you ever need to print an article but irritated by its non-printer friendly web design? I know that Firefox 2.0 or IE 7 have make it easier to print select region of a web page to save your paper (and the tree, of course!). But, are you still using IE 6 SP2, or your browser is not supporting similar features? This may also happening to your blog readers. So, get the WP-Print 2.10 plugin, that add a printer-friendly link in each blog post, which used to prepare a printer friendly page!
Feel free to try the Print This Post – Printer Friendly link below for this post, or try with either IE 7 or Firefox 2.0 (see Google Packs in sidebar).

Beside WP-Print 2.10, you might interest on WP-Polls 2.14 plugin, that allows the blog author to create poll of a topic. For example, you may interest to get your blog readers to vote against “Do you think Britney Spears looks pretty after shaving her hair?” in your own blog. Next, WP-Post-Ratings 1.10 plugin allows blog readers to rate each blog posts. If you like Slashdot rating system, you may like to have a similar rating system for your blog posts too!

So, are you inspired to make a switch to WordPress 2.1 now, or continue with New Blogger? Feel free to vet through the list of New Blogger templates customization, and make a guess on how could Labnol be one of the most successful Blogspot-powered blog. Sit back, think it carefully, and decide on whether to stick with Blogspot or WordPress 2.1.

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