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Download Raiden II From RapidShare

Yes! Finally, I’ve found the Raiden II arcade game @ RapidShare.com.

UPDATE: The file is infected, as per comment left by visitor (but being accidentally deleted and now unrecoverable – thank a heap, anyway). The Kaspersky IS v11.0.1.400 detects the threat on the downloaded file too.
As I don’t own the file and thus no control on it, so I decide to remove the download link from this post. Appreciate your kind consideration.
I am not sure that, is it legal to download and play this Raiden II arcade game in my local PC? But, I’m certainly know that
  • there is no registration form in the game interface,
  • it’s a complete, full functions Raiden II arcade game,
  • the game interface is not fully Englished,
  • this Raiden II supports duo players at one time,

Raiden II Arcade Game

The Raiden II has 8 missions for the fighters. The fire-fighting occurs at the Earth for the first 5 missions. Then, the Raiden fighters will be sent to the outer space of the Earth, where the fiercest fighting takes place in the last 3 missions.

So, what’s next after completing all the 8 missions?
The Raiden fighters will get 1 million bonus points, and start the fighting all over from level 1 again!

What’s so exciting about Raiden II?
Well, Raiden II used to be my favorite arcade game in 90s. Fire-fighting type of games might be a boring game for someone, but not to all. And the challenge of playing Raiden II is, to compete with my opponents in lesser time and higher score to complete the game!

Raiden II Cheat Sheet?
1) While Vulcan shots (the standard fire-fighting gun) provides better coverage when its full power is reached, combination of blue laser gun and Homing missile is also giving high grade of destruction!

2) The setting page contains some question-marks (due to improper conversion of Japanese characters). So, I set these settings by guess and try. Obviously, I used to setup my Raiden fighter as Captain level (so the game’s challenge will be lower) and entitled for 9 credits (meaning that I’m afford to crash my Raiden fighter up to 27 times!).
Raiden II Cheat Sheet via setting page

3) This is another guess that the E options could be meant for Expert fighting mode while T option stands for Training mode (of course, training mode is easier than Expert only mode :-))
Raiden II Cheat Sheet via setting page -2

P/S: I’ve found the Raiden III download link too. But I must say that Raiden II is still the best! Anyway, let me know if you’re interest in Raiden III download link as well.

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  1. BEXTBOX 19-07-07@23:43

    Can I have the link for Raiden III download link so that I can try out. Pls.

    Thank you.

  2. Walker 20-07-07@00:13

    Bextbox, sorry to say that the Raiden III download link that I’ve found when this post is composed has turned out to be a broken link.

    I’ll post the link once I manage to look for another working links.

  3. Walker 26-08-07@13:07

    Bextbox, if you’re still looking for Raiden-III direct download, you can refer here.

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  6. GILBERT 21-01-08@12:50

    THANK ! i have tried to play this game on mame but i havent been able to make it work. Tried it on a Playstation emulator but it is not as good. anyways thanks

  7. Alex 19-08-08@15:15

    does raiden 2 have music?

  8. rocky 11-09-08@09:19

    my autofire doesn’t seem to work, i have it ticked in the options but it doesn’t work as i have to hold down the fire button, help guys?

  9. Luwis 19-09-08@14:13

    Thanks, my brother love this game

  10. Tom 08-11-08@15:59

    Man grat job finding this game. It is my Fav. airplane shooting game.
    However, I don’t hear any music or is just me ?
    Please let me know

  11. Isz Tiger 08-06-09@19:27

    Did u have 1942 game PC in your website?

  12. Walker 08-06-09@23:30

    I wish I have it but obviously I don’t.

  13. Roy 09-06-09@22:04

    Good Game

    I Love it

    But I may B More Excellent if the configuration not used ??????


  14. zealart 29-08-09@12:29

    Hey Walker, what emulator did you use with Raiden 2?

  15. Walker 30-08-09@04:18

    No no, this game is ported to Windows platform, i.e. run directly in Windows without the need of an emulator.

  16. zealart 28-10-09@16:38

    Thanks Walker. I got the game to work, but there is no background music?

  17. Riddi 03-11-09@20:57

    Thats what winamp is for lol who ever complains about no background music

  18. Trapster 03-02-10@11:04

    How do I get the music to work?

  19. ChrismartinVFFUFC2 23-01-11@10:57

    i played this game for HOURS on the Playstation and it sucks to find out that the file is a virus…. otherwise i would have this in a heartbeat. if anyone knows of another link to get this please tell me.

  20. Goz 16-09-11@20:46

    I dont think it is infeceted. Norton 2011 does not pick it up, neither does Mcafee and neither does MS Security Essentials

    I`ve had it running on 2 machines for about 3 years now and I`ve never had AV software pick it up.

    Best game ever….

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