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Windows 8.1 Editions – What Are The Differences Among Them?

Windows 8.1 is coming soon to rescue Windows 8 that fails with poor acceptance. For those who are going to own this new Microsoft operating system, you should know what editions are available and the difference among them.

How To Get Windows Command Prompt Displays Chinese Characters?

For those who use English version of Windows and occasionally work with files containing non-Unicode characters (e.g. Chinese characters) will find it difficult and frustrate.

Where Are The Windows Bing App Photos?

Every day the Windows Bing app downloads new photo from the Internet to repaint its background image, but do you know where does the Bing app save all these daily images in your local hard disk?

How To Add Shortcut To Context Menu For Creating Date Folder?

Do you know how that it’s possible to create a date folder (i.e. a folder that uses date as folder name) from context menu (a.k.a. right-click menu)?

How To Create Windows 8 Pinned Site Tile Visual For A Website?

Do you know how to get Windows 8 use the website favicon (favorite icon) as the visual of pinned site tile?

How To Force The Windows 8 IE App Tile Opens IE10 In Desktop?

There are two different appearances of IE10 when running in Windows 8 – the Windows Store app version (a.k.a. Metro UI app) and the other one is traditional Windows program version when running in Desktop.

Windows Recycle Bin Tips and Tricks

Where does Recycle Bin restore the files to? View the original folder of file in Recycle Bin.


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