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Windows 8.1

Uses Cleanmgr.exe To Safely Remove Unwanted System Files

Once I’m satisfy with the latest Windows Update, I won’t hesitate to housekeep those unwanted backup of system files that eating plenty of free disk space and degrading overall system performance (as the antivirus scanning bunch of “useless” files).

IE11 On Windows 8.1 Shows SPDY Status In Its Address Bar

The Internet Explorer 11 of Windows 8.1 will shows tooltip or hints when the site is loaded using SPDY protocol, when the mouse pointer rest at its Address bar.

How To Compile Mailsend For Windows 8 With OpenSSL Static Library?

So, here is the guideline I used to build mailsend with statically-linked OpenSSL library.

Using Command Prompt To Install Telnet Client On Windows

Microsoft, however, does bundle this legacy remote access client as well as the Windows-based telnet server in Windows Features. That means, you can turn it on right away instead of downloading one from the Internet.

Using GPEdit To Prevent Windows Update From Restarting Windows 8.1

Here is another way to configure Windows Update, so that it will not restart a Windows computer with logged on users.

A Registry Key That Stops Windows Update From Rebooting Computer

Don’t worry. There is a way to avoid Windows Update from rebooting your Windows machines until you say so.

How To Open Desktop Apps And Windows Store Apps Side By Side In Windows 8.1?

Windows 8.1, however, not only you can see the apps of both worlds at one glance, it allows users to open up to 4 apps on a screen at a time (depends on the screen resolution).


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