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Windows 7

Where Is IE Cache Folder?

Where is the Internet Explorer cache folder in Windows Vista and above?

Microsoft Created Windows 7 RTM Image On July Too!

The “secret” system shutdown time in Event Viewer suggests that Windows 8 RTM image was completed on 26th of Jul 2012 by a computer named windows-uj49s6b.

How To Stop Windows Update Reminder Of Restarting Windows For Longer Than 4 Hours?

It’s not always that Windows Update can complete without rebooting Windows. When there is such a need, you can opt for “Restart now” or “Postpone” it for 10 minutes, 1 hour, or up to 4 hours.

How To Unlock Windows Account At Command Prompt?

Using wmic command to unlock Windows 7 account.

How To Create Batch File With Endless For Loop On Windows 7?

Using Windows batch file to create an infinity loop for running on Windows 7.

How To Disable Windows 7 User Account Control Feature?

Windows 7 provides an intuitive graphical interface for one to easily configure User Account Control (UAC) at wish.

How To Print Windows Version On Desktop?

Configure Registry to display Windows version and service pack information on Desktop.


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