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Fine tune Windows Netstat To Display Network Program And Connection In Same Line

The original Windows netstat -b output is not useful for filtering, but we can tune it to be useful.

Using Findstr With Regular Expression For Pattern Search

The findstr command supports regular expression, though it’s not as complete as GNU grep command.

Using Windows 10 Built-in Program To Check Wi-Fi Channel And Signal

Using Windows netsh command to detect various WLAN network information, e.g. non-hidden SSID, wifi channel and signals, security protocol, radio type, etc.

How To Enable 64-bit Internet Explorer In Windows 10?

Verify if you’re using a 64-bit Internet Explorer on Windows 10, if it’s not then you should know how to turn on 64-bit IE11 and not looking for dedicated installer.

Calculate WinSxS Folder Actual Size And Trim Its Footprint

The WinSxS folder size reported by Windows File Explorer is not the folder actual size…

How To Check If Windows 10 Has Enabled Compact OS Feature?

Is your Windows 10 using Compact OS feature? Check it out with the compact command!

Why Does Windows 10 Disk Cleanup Cause High CPU Usage?

Is there is solution to lower CPU usage when running Disk Cleanup on Windows 10?


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