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Vista SP1

How To Disable Or Enable User Switching In Windows Vista?

The steps to enable or disable Switch User function in Windows Vista?

How To Configure Windows Update Proxy Server Settings In Windows Vista SP1?

In some cases, you might need to manually configure the Windows Update proxy server settings.

How To Fix Windows Update Error 80072EFD In Vista SP1?

Windows Update might not working when Vista SP1 connect to Internet without going through proxy server.

How To Disable Keyboard Power Button?

Document an easier way to disable the keyboard power button with Windows Vista SP1.

How To Remove Unwanted Microsoft Updates From Windows Update Program?

There is a way to remove or hide the unwanted Vista updates from appearing in Windows Update available update window.

How To Completely Remove Or Uninstall Nokia PC Suite?

Do you need a special tool to remove or uninstall Nokia PC Suite from Windows?

How To Fix Windows Vista System Tray Icons Disabled Or Greyed Out Problem?

In some occasion, Windows Vista SP1 might stop some system icon from appearing in System Tray. At the same time, the option to enable Volume icon, Network icon, etc, are disabled as well.


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