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Force Google Chrome To Search Via Google USA

You think that Google Search USA is returning better result than the localized Google Search service. Therefore, you want Google Chrome to always search via Google.com instead of Google.com.xx or Google.xx.

Restore The Hidden Developer Options To Settings Page Of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

After the update of HTC One X to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the Developer Options is found missing from Settings page.

Tweak IE10 Session Management To Access Multiple OWA Email Accounts Concurrently

The nomerge option has been superseded by the noframemerging option in IE8 or above. Besides, you also have to start Internet Explorer in the InPrivate browsing mode, should you want to access 2 or more web accounts of same domain.

NoFrameMerging + InPrivate = Unique IE10 Browsing Session

How to force IE10 opens as unique session so that I can concurrently login multiple Gmail account of different credentials in different browser windows?

Uses Firefox Native Setting To Change User Agent String

This video guide is based on Firefox 21.0, demonstrates the trick of changing Firefox user agent string from default value to anything you want it to be.

Where Are The Windows Bing App Photos?

Every day the Windows Bing app downloads new photo from the Internet to repaint its background image, but do you know where does the Bing app save all these daily images in your local hard disk?

How To Add Shortcut To Context Menu For Creating Date Folder?

Do you know how that it’s possible to create a date folder (i.e. a folder that uses date as folder name) from context menu (a.k.a. right-click menu)?


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