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Fixed: Dell iDrac 6 Shows HTTP 404 Undefined Functions In IE11

When accessing iDrac 6 from Internet Explorer 11, it will show HTTP 404 “This webpage cannot be found”.

YouTube App For Mobile May Hide Some Videos In Search Result

If you don’t want to miss some interesting videos from YouTube Search, try again with a Desktop web browser.

Upgrade To Kaspersky 2016 Prior To Windows 10 Installation

Even if you’re using KIS 2015, you should consider upgrade KIS to latest release, whether or not you want to go for the free Windows 10 upgrade.

Direct Download Windows 10 ISO Image File (the genuine way)

There is a way to download truely Windows 10 ISO image file from Microsoft….

How To DIY Heater For Surviving Winter?

For those who lack of heater at home or hostel, here is a simple yet practical DIY guide to help you build a heater from candle, bricks, and ceramic flowerpots.

Configure TV Remote Control To Capture Screenshot Of XBMC On Raspberry Pi

With this key-mapping trick, I can map the color buttons on TV remote control to do things like capture screenshot, bring up context menu, etc.

Customize Mailsend To Secure SMTP Login And Prevent Spam

Mailsend is an open-source, console-based SMTP client which is great for sending authenticated email (via Microsoft Exchange or Gmail, for example) at command-line interface (CLI), shell script, scheduler, etc.


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