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How To Open Desktop Apps And Windows Store Apps Side By Side In Windows 8.1?

Windows 8.1, however, not only you can see the apps of both worlds at one glance, it allows users to open up to 4 apps on a screen at a time (depends on the screen resolution).

New Google Chrome Helps Users Easily Identify Tabs That Make Noise!

For those who are using Google Chrome beta, you should have noticed the multimedia indicator appears on tabs that are making noise (playing irritated music / ads / video / sound), accessing your webcam, or being cast to TV.

Raspberry Pi’s OpenELEC Root Password

What is the OpenELEC root password? How to change the Raspberry Pi’s OpenELEC root password?

HTC One X Camera Bug Disables Auto Screen Lock

No matter how complex your screen lock password is for securing HTC One X, the built-in camera app can make it useless.

The List Of Little Known Firefox About: Page

It’s not a secret, but you may not already know that Firefox has some secret/hidden pages to show even it’s offline (not connecting to Internet).

What Is Facebook Home?

Facebook Home is since past few days. If you have no idea what it is, check it out from the official product page.

Windows Recycle Bin Tips and Tricks

Where does Recycle Bin restore the files to? View the original folder of file in Recycle Bin.


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