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Why Does Windows 10 Disk Cleanup Cause High CPU Usage?

Is there is solution to lower CPU usage when running Disk Cleanup on Windows 10?

Google Chrome Offers A Mario-like Game

With keyboard, press SPACE bar to start the game and UP-ARROW key to jump over the cactus plant.

Uses Cleanmgr.exe To Safely Remove Unwanted System Files

Once I’m satisfy with the latest Windows Update, I won’t hesitate to housekeep those unwanted backup of system files that eating plenty of free disk space and degrading overall system performance (as the antivirus scanning bunch of “useless” files).

Apply Time Stack Technique To Daylight Timelapse Photos

The cloud looks so beautiful like watercolor painting, is a result of time stack technique that layering and blending a bunch of timelapse photos into single image file.

How To Customize Facebook News Feed By Sorting Or List Option?

My preference is always have it showing the latest posts, by changing “Top stories” to “Most recent”

Better Way To Hardcode Password In Program Source Code

The purpose of using such inconvenient approach is not for fun, but it’s because a string literal can be easily exposed by the strings command output!

Compile Mailsend the Command-line SMTP client For Raspberry Pi

For people who want to automate Linux shell script or Windows batch file to send authenticated email (not by email relay method), you’ll love this open-source, command-line smtp email client.


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