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How To Identify A USB 3.0 Flash Drive In Windows File Explorer?

Windows 10 File Explorer can help to confirm or check if a USB 3.0 thumb drive is attached to USB 3.0 host port.

Slmgr vs SoftWareLicensingService – Which one to use?

The value of OA3xOriginalProductKey will differ from slmgr after change product key during edition upgrade.

Why HERE Maps Is Better When Travelling Abroad?

I prefer HERE Maps – offline maps of whole country, 3D building and indoor venue maps, house numbering.

Group Video Call With Skype Or Group Call With Line

Group chat is not outdated, but group call or group video call is better way of conversation sometimes.

Understand Kodi remote.xml keymap file structure

The Kodi remote.xml structure – allows user to define what media center will perform when a TV remote control button is pressed.

Download 64-bit VLC Player For Windows From Official Site

There is a 64-bit VLC Player at its official site…

Calculate WinSxS Folder Actual Size And Trim Its Footprint

The WinSxS folder size reported by Windows File Explorer is not the folder actual size…


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