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Get Your TV Remote Control To Work With Raspberry Pi

If your Raspberry Pi is running Kodi and connect to a TV with HDMI CEC feature enabled, you can use the TV remote control to interact with Kodi (the open source media center).

Understand Kodi remote.xml keymap file structure

The Kodi remote.xml structure – allows user to define what media center will perform when a TV remote control button is pressed.

Modify TV Remote Control Keymap Of OpenELEC-Kodi On Raspberry Pi

Uses TV remote control to get OpenELEC-Kodi on Raspberry Pi to take screenshot.

Configure TV Remote Control To Capture Screenshot Of XBMC On Raspberry Pi

With this key-mapping trick, I can map the color buttons on TV remote control to do things like capture screenshot, bring up context menu, etc.

How To Hardcode SSH Password Into Plink For Automating SSH Login In Linux Shell Script?

For security’s sake, we should use public-key cryptography authentication method to automate SSH login without password. But, what can you do if the SSH server in router modem doesn’t allow you add or install public key?

Compile Mailsend the Command-line SMTP client For Raspberry Pi

For people who want to automate Linux shell script or Windows batch file to send authenticated email (not by email relay method), you’ll love this open-source, command-line smtp email client.

Raspberry Pi: How To Play All Media Files In A Folder Using TV Remote Control?

Question: Can I use the TV remote control to get XBMC play all the media files in the folder?


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