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How To Configure Linux Cron To Trigger Job At Fixed Interval?

Using Linux cron configuration shorthand to automate job at a fixed interval.

How To Setup VPN Server Using pptpd On RHEL?

Install and configure pptpd VPN server on Redhat Enterprise Linux or CentOS 5.

How To Do Interactive Search And Replace Using Vi Editor?

The Vi command to do interactive search and replace.

How To Configure VNC Server To Use GNOME Desktop On CentOS?

There are at least two ways to configure Linux VNC server to access GNOME Desktop on RHEL / CentOS.

How To Load And Remove Linux USB Mass Storage Driver?

The command used to load and unload USB mass storage device driver without rebooting the server.

How To Disable Linux USB Drive?

Configure Linux to disable USB mass storage device.

Simple Trick Used To Monitor Website Uptime

A simple Linux shell script used to track website uptime.


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