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How To Instantly Convert Epoch Time In SQL Output?

How do I use awk and GNU date to convert epoch time value in a SQL output?UsHow do I use awk and GNU date to convert epoch time value in a SQL output?

Uses Awk To Print Thousand Separator For Numeric Value

Question: How to use awk to format numeric output with a thousand-separator character (e.g. the comma character)?

Uses Shell Variable In Awk Script

Question: Can awk uses or access shell variable? If yes, how does the syntax look like?

Uses Sed To Find Text And Add Single Quote Character

Question: How do I use GNU sed to enclose the matched pattern with a pair of single/double quote character?

How To Check Linux Swap Space Is On Which Disk Partitions?

The free command tells how much swap space is on a Linux system, but it doesn’t tell where it is. When this question pops up in my mind, I check the /etc/fstab file and the result is mostly accurate except on one server that I’ve just reinstalled.

How To Check Hardware Information On Linux System?

Do you have a program similar to Windows Device Manager or msinfo32 for sysadmin to gather hardware information without opening the computer chassis?

Using Wget To Recursively Download Folders From FTP Server With Login And Password

Automate wget to login FTP server and download folders recursively.


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