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Command To Get Toll Free Number and Installation Number For Windows 10 Activation Via Phone

Activate Windows 10 via phone service is still available!

How To Know You Are Using Windows 10 Education?

Referring to dism and Windows 10 edition upgrade matrix to determine which edition you are currently using

How To Change Windows 10 Product Key For Edition Upgrade

Few methods to change Windows 10 Product Key

Using Native Tool To Display Windows Product Key

If you’re curios to find what is that key, the Windows 10 native wmic command can retrieve this OEM product key from BIOS too.

Get Your TV Remote Control To Work With Raspberry Pi

If your Raspberry Pi is running Kodi and connect to a TV with HDMI CEC feature enabled, you can use the TV remote control to interact with Kodi (the open source media center).

Using Findstr With Regular Expression For Pattern Search

The findstr command supports regular expression, though it’s not as complete as GNU grep command.

Using Windows 10 Built-in Program To Check Wi-Fi Channel And Signal

Using Windows netsh command to detect various WLAN network information, e.g. non-hidden SSID, wifi channel and signals, security protocol, radio type, etc.


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