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Windows 8.1 Upgrade To Windows 10 Failed With Error Code 80240020

Why Windows 10 upgrade keeps on failed by error code 80240020 and still no success after many reboot?

How To Fix Window 10 Custom Lock Screen Picture And Slideshow Not Working Issue?

OMG! Why I cannot see my unforgettable holiday pictures in Windows 10 lock screen slideshow and background, as well the detail weather status?

Direct Download Windows 10 ISO Image File (the genuine way)

There is a way to download truely Windows 10 ISO image file from Microsoft….

Fixed: WordPress Text Editor Width Problem In Firefox 38

WordPress text editor width issue when accessing WordPress admin pages over HTTPS connection with the latest Firefox v38!

How To Drag Application To Firewall Rule Grouping In Kaspersky Internet Security 2015?

With Kaspersky IS 2015, you can no longer drag application to different Firewall rule grouping…but it is not impossible to do so.

How To Start YouTube Video Playback At Particular Timestamp In Full HD Mode?

So, here is the trick, to start embedded YouTube video playback at particular timestamp.

How To DIY Heater For Surviving Winter?

For those who lack of heater at home or hostel, here is a simple yet practical DIY guide to help you build a heater from candle, bricks, and ceramic flowerpots.


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