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How To Create Bootable USB Flash Drive For VMware ESXi 5.5 Installation?

Since there are so many “outdated”, small capacity USB sticks in office, it’s easier for me to install the free vSphere Hypervisor using a USB flash drive.

Linux File Archiving And Compression Commands By Examples

Here are some examples of file compression and archiving commands, which include the GNU tar, cpio, gzip, and zip commands.

How To Mount Network Shared Folder In RHEL6?

On RHEL6.x, however, the mount.cifs comes with cifs-utils package and is not included by samba-client package.

How To Configure Samba To Support Shared Folder With And Without Password?

Let’s modify the 3-minute guide for creating Linux shared folder using Samba software, to allow users access public folders without prompting for password authentication.

How To Hardcode SSH Password Into Plink For Automating SSH Login In Linux Shell Script?

For security’s sake, we should use public-key cryptography authentication method to automate SSH login without password. But, what can you do if the SSH server in router modem doesn’t allow you add or install public key?

How To Use SSH Password In Shell Script?

How to automate SSH login using password, if the destination server (e.g. home router modem) doesn’t support public-key cryptography authentication method?

Build A C Program That Writes Output To File

Let’s use the fprintf() function to dump debugging info to error log file!


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