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Modify Sshpass Source File To Hide SSH Password

This open source software, sshpass, only does one simple thing, i.e. tricks to SSH client to believe that the user is perform interactive password authentication.

How To Use SSH Password In Shell Script?

How to automate SSH login using password, if the destination server (e.g. home router modem) doesn’t support public-key cryptography authentication method?

How To Compile Mailsend For Windows 8 With OpenSSL Static Library?

So, here is the guideline I used to build mailsend with statically-linked OpenSSL library.

Customize Mailsend To Secure SMTP Login And Prevent Spam

Mailsend is an open-source, console-based SMTP client which is great for sending authenticated email (via Microsoft Exchange or Gmail, for example) at command-line interface (CLI), shell script, scheduler, etc.

Free Services For Converting Text Into ASCII Art

There are plenty of free services in the Internet that can easily create ASCII art from text!

The Nagios Setup Guide For Starters

If you’re not new or basic knowledge in Linux, particular CentOS or RHEL, this instant Nagios guide can certainly help you start using the enterprise-class computer infrastructure monitoring solution in less than half business day.

Direct Download SWF Player Full Installer

Find the official download link of Adobe Shockwave Player 12 full installer for offline installation.


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