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How To Customize Facebook News Feed By Sorting Or List Option?

My preference is always have it showing the latest posts, by changing “Top stories” to “Most recent”

Messy But Funny FB Status Message Appearance In News Feed

I’m not sure this is old news or it’s a new trick of posting FB status message, but I just stumble upon it.

Get Your Facebook Year End Review

Have you examined your Facebook activities of year 2013?

A Must-know Facebook Trick That Enlarges Text For Reading

How to change the Facebook font size to bigger until you can comfortably read the text?

How To Recover Your Hacked Facebook Account With Any Of Your Old Passwords?

Your precious Facebook account has been compromised; someone has changed your password and is controlling it now. How could you regain control?

What Is Facebook Home?

Facebook Home is since past few days. If you have no idea what it is, check it out from the official product page.

How To View All Likes Of Facebook Page?

Where can you view the list of all people who like your Facebook Page?


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