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Upgrade To Kaspersky 2016 Prior To Windows 10 Installation

© Walker 04 Aug 2015 01:58
Although Windows 10 compatibility report does not complain Kaspersky 2015 (version installed on Windows 8.1, but I feel more comfortable if this security suite is upgraded to the latest version before committing free Windows update that install Windows 10.

Direct Download Windows 10 ISO Image File (the genuine way)

© Walker 04 Aug 2015 01:04
When using Linux/Vista/XP or a “not compatible” web browser user-agent to access Windows 10 download page, you’ll be directed to download the ISO image file instead of media creation tool.

Fixed: WordPress Text Editor Width Problem In Firefox 38

© Walker 15 Jun 2015 01:26
My friend was wondering why his WordPress post editor box width is fixed to such a narrow measurement, which is only seen when using latest Firefox 38 web browser.

How To Drag Application To Firewall Rule Grouping In Kaspersky Internet Security 2015?

© Walker 14 Jun 2015 23:14
With Kaspersky IS 2014, I can drag application to different network rule grouping in Firewall setup. This intuitive UI, however, has gone missing (disabled) in Kaspersky IS 2015. Seriously?

How To Start YouTube Video Playback At Particular Timestamp In Full HD Mode?

© Walker 12 Jan 2015 01:36
Yeah, right click on the video and there is an option to get video URL at current time (for sharing on Facebook), so the video playback will start at that particular timestamp whenever the link is opened.

How To DIY Heater For Surviving Winter?

© Walker 11 Jan 2015 22:45
For those who lack of heater at home or hostel, here is a simple yet practical DIY guide to help you build a heater with candles, bricks, and ceramic flowerpots.

Configure TV Remote Control To Capture Screenshot Of XBMC On Raspberry Pi

© Walker 09 Dec 2014 00:00
Before I know how to map the TV remote control keys to control XBMC powered by OpenELEC/Raspberry Pi, I can only use a not-so-friendly hotkey to trigger Context Menu function.


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