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Creates A DB2 UDF In C Language For Converting Unix Epoch Time To User-friendly Date Format

To make thing perfect, we decided to build an external scalar function in C programming language for this subject.

DB2 SQL Function That Converts UNIX Epoch Time To Calendar Date

However, administrator and developer can create a SQL scalar function (UDF, shorts for user-defined function) to get this job done.

Uses Photoshop CS6 To Create Perfect Animated GIF

Photoshop can automatically align images before converting them into a perfect animation media file in GIF or video format.

Using Command Prompt To Install Telnet Client On Windows

Microsoft, however, does bundle this legacy remote access client as well as the Windows-based telnet server in Windows Features. That means, you can turn it on right away instead of downloading one from the Internet.

Raspberry Pi: How To Play All Media Files In A Folder Using TV Remote Control?

Question: Can I use the TV remote control to get XBMC play all the media files in the folder?

A Must-know Facebook Trick That Enlarges Text For Reading

How to change the Facebook font size to bigger until you can comfortably read the text?

Using Photoshop CS6 Patch Tool To Remove Unwanted Object In Less Than A Minute!

It’s fairly easy to fix a photo that contains unpleasant objects or stains (i.e. dust spots) by using the Photoshop Patch Tool.


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