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Build A C Program That Writes Output To File

Let’s use the fprintf() function to dump debugging info to error log file!

How To Execute Operating System Command In C Program?

However, not C implementation includes a command processor for executing other program.

How To Debug DB2 UDF Written In C Language Using Log File?

After learning how to build DB2 external UDF in the previous post, now let’s see how to make the user-defined function writing debugging info to your own application log file (not the DB2 system log file).

How To Create DB2 UDF In C Programming Language?

The IBM DB2 allows one to create external user-defined function (UDF) in few of the popular programming languages. In this tutorial, however, the focus is on using C Language to build an external scalar function that convert UNIX epoch time to calendar date.

Creates A DB2 UDF In C Language For Converting Unix Epoch Time To User-friendly Date Format

To make thing perfect, we decided to build an external scalar function in C programming language for this subject.

DB2 SQL Function That Converts UNIX Epoch Time To Calendar Date

However, administrator and developer can create a SQL scalar function (UDF, shorts for user-defined function) to get this job done.

Uses Photoshop CS6 To Create Perfect Animated GIF

Photoshop can automatically align images before converting them into a perfect animation media file in GIF or video format.


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