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Asus UX21 Is Ultra-thin and Ultra-portable!

Asus launches new laptop, UX21, featuring ultra-thin and ultra-portable selling points.

Uses ION Book Saver To Digitize Books For E-Reader

ION Book Saver is a dedicated document scanner for user to scan books into PDF or JPEG file format.

How Does ASUS EFI BIOS Looks Like?

A demo of ASUS EFI BIOS used on Intel 6 series chipset motherboards.

How To Fix: Nokia N8 Keeps On Connect To WLAN

Nokia N8 keeps on auto connect to WIFI after disconnect WLAN manually.

Sophone vs iPhone: How To Differentiate Between Real iPhone And iPhone Clone?

Another two YouTube videos comparing Apple iPhone 4 with Sophone, i.e. the China-made iPhone clone.

China-made Sophone Is Clone Of Apple iPhone 4

Can you tell which one is real Apple iPhone 4 or the clone called Sophone?

How To Mute Nokia N8 Microphone?

Instead of cover up mic of Nokia N8 with finger, can you tap on screen to mute the microphone?


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