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Every incident has a time and a venue. When there are something worth to write down for memory and reference, I try to record each of them in WalkerNews.net.
WalkerNews is a capsule of Walker’s experience in life since 2007 Feb.

Other than storing my experience on the Net, WalkerNews.net is also a place for me to practice documentation and writing skills. Although, it’s a shame to say that my skills are still suck :-(. That’s why those copycats who duplicate my writing to their splogs look suck too :-P.
It is fine to write on a same topic, but make it appears with own presentation and expression style for the sake of reading pleasure and creative improvement.

You are welcomed to participate in the space of WalkerNews.net, to make it a “place” for every walkers around the globe to share his/her own incidents or experiences.

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