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Command To Get Toll Free Number and Installation Number For Windows 10 Activation Via Phone

If you’ve problem to activate Windows 10 (or any Microsoft product) via Internet, the good old “activate by phone” service is still available.

As the name implies, the service provides automated phone system to activate Windows (or Microsoft Office). All you need to do is:

1. Open Command Prompt window or Run dialog box, i.e. click the Windows Start button and type “cmd” or “run” follow by clicking the shortcut of application shown in the search list.

2. Type slui 4 in the Command Prompt window or Run dialog box to bring up Windows Activation Client program in phone activation mode:

Windows 10 activation by phone

3. Select the country where you’ll make the phone call and it will show you the toll-free phone number (if available) or just toll number as well as the Installation ID.

4. Make the call and follow instruction to read it the Installation ID to complete Windows activation.

You may also try using slui program to get toll/toll-free number for activating Microsoft Office (or other Microsoft product) by speaking to the operator (human). Normally, when the activation by phone process fail to complete successfully, there will be an option to speak with customer service agent.

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