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Using Native Tool To Display Windows Product Key

You’ve just bought a new Dell computer came with pre-installed Windows 10 and there is no legacy COA (Certificate of Authenticity) attached to the chassis. In fact, Dell does not distribute COA since Windows 8.

So, where/how to find your genuine Windows 10 product key should you need to reinstall the OS afresh (not using recovery CD/image) to get rid of bloatware? Don’t worry – you don’t really need to know the key, because the Windows 10 installation and activation process will automatically refer to BIOS for OEM product key (if there is one) – according to Dell official knowledge base:
Starting Windows 8, the Windows product key is burnt into BIOS at factory. The Windows installation and activation processes will refer to the BIOS automatically.

If your curiosity is to find out that key anyway, Windows 10 does provide a native way to retrieve this OEM product key from BIOS too (if it’s there; otherwise, it shows empty value of this OA3xOriginalProductKey property):
wmic path softwarelicensingservice get /all /format:list | findstr OA3

Using Windows 10 native wmic command to retrieve OEM product key
wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey

NOTE: If you want to use a different Windows 10 edition product key during installation on a computer with OEM product key embedded in BIOS, you won’t find it prompt you for that. You can, however, change product key after installation, even it has activated automatically. Just go to Windows Settings app > System > About > look for option to change product key or upgrade Windows edition.

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