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Uses Cleanmgr.exe To Safely Remove Unwanted System Files

Once I’m satisfy with the latest Windows Update, I won’t hesitate to housekeep those unwanted backup of system files that eating plenty of precious free disk space and degrading overall system performance (as the antivirus scanning bunch of “useless” files).

The bundled Disk Cleanup utility can help you safely and easily delete Windows Update installation files, system restore points and shadow copies, previous Windows installation and Windows upgrade log files (e.g. Windows.old and $Windows.~BT created by Windows 8.1 upgrade), etc.

Windows Disk Cleanup utility

To call housekeeper for cleaning, press Windows button on your keyboard, then type cleanmgr.exe and hit ENTER key (or click the found item returned by Windows Search).

Windows Disk Cleanup utility

Windows Disk Cleanup utility

As shown, the program shows how many free disk space that you can regain from each category, and the category’s description that explains what are deleted, should you select them and click OK button.

Some categories, e.g. Windows Update cleanup, as well as the “More Options” tab, are not shown until you’ve click that “Clean up system files” button. If you’re adventurous, go to “More Options” tab and clean up restore points too.

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