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How To Create Bootable USB Flash Drive For VMware ESXi 5.5 Installation?

All my servers do have DVD drive and few USB ports, but I do not have a DVD writer and DVD-ROM to burn the VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) ISO image for installation.

Since there are so many “outdated”, small capacity USB sticks in office, it’s easier for me to create bootable USB flash drive for installing the ESXi:

1. Format the USB drive to FAT32 file system.

2. Download UNetbootin – a standalone (portable), free software used to create bootable USB flash drive from ISO image:

Using UNetbootin freeware to easily create a bootable ESXi USB flash drive for installing the VMware free bare-metal hypervisor

Since it’s portable software, it doesn’t require installation; just double click to run. In the program window, choose “disk image” option, select the ESXi ISO image and USB drive, then click OK button to complete the process of burning ISO image onto USB drive and make it bootable to BIOS.

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