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IE11 On Windows 8.1 Shows SPDY Status In Its Address Bar

I understand that IE11 only supports SPDY protocol on Windows 8.1. So, Windows 7 users can’t enjoy or experiment this “speedy” protocol at this moment.

Although there are not many websites enable SPDY, the big names are using it to reduce page load latency.
Facebook and Google Search are using this open networking protocol. In fact, SPDY is a trademark of Google and is developed primarily by the Web giant.

How to check if a website supports SPDY protocol? The Internet Explorer 11 of Windows 8.1 will show tooltip or hint if the site is loaded using SPDY protocol, when the mouse pointer rest at its Address bar:

IE11 can tell if a websites is using SPDY protocol.

If you don’t see that hint, check if the feature has turned off:
Press ALT+T to bring up Tools menu and select Internet Option, go to Advanced tab and look for HTTP Settings section – make sure the “Use SPDY/3” option is checked/enabled.

You can also use the F12 Developer Tools to confirm its presence:

IE11 Developer Tools

To bring up that tool, press F12 and then CTRL+4 for the Network view.

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