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3 Ways to Disable Visited Page Thumbnail From Showing In Google Chrome New Tab

Previously, one can disable instant extended API to prevent Google Chrome showing thumbnails of websites you’ve visited in new tab window.

Unfortunately, Google Chrome has removed this “hidden” option from chrome://flags of the latest version 33.0.1750.29 (Official Build 244627) beta-m.
The thumbnail makes it easier for me to revisit a page. But, it’s a double-edge sword. When I open a new tab during presentation, the thumbnails of my visited pages could create unnecessary misunderstanding or unproductive arguments with others who have different view in politics, religion, etc.

So, I desperately want to stop Google Chrome from showing my visited pages in new tab! And, here are the 3 options to fix it:

Incognito mode

Create/change the shortcut to launch Google Chrome in incognito mode, i.e. append this --incognito option switch in the “Target” field:

Starts Google Chrome in incognito mode.

This method will not be welcomed by most (including me) who want to keep history of visited pages (but oppose the idea of having them significantly shown, together with thumbnail, in the new tab window!).

Using Chrome Extension

Thanks to the author of Empty New Tab Page and New Tab Clock extensions – you’re lifesaver!
Both are good candidates in this subject. None of them requires any permission to run. Just pick one and install to fix the “problem”.

The Empty New Tab Page makes Google Chrome to show a pure blank page in each new tab windows. The New Tab Clock, as the name implies, displays the current date/time in new tab.

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  1. Ryan 22-01-14@01:32

    This extension also seems like a good option to restore the Apps page when opening a new tab:

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