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Messy But Funny FB Status Message Appearance In News Feed

I’m not sure this is old news or it’s a new trick of posting FB status message, but I just stumble upon it.

At first glance, I thought my lovely Windows 8.1 has infected with some kind of virus (even the pricy Kaspersky Internet Security is running???). Nope, it isn’t an infection.

Weird FB status message appearance in News Feed

This silent screencast proves it!

If you want to try it, your friends will see this weird post in their News Feed :)

1. Just copy this status message (only copy that one line of text, as shown in the video, don’t bother to copy the “horn”).

2. Paste it to FB Status message box.

3. Move the input cursor back to the beginning of text and press SHIFT+ENTER key, to create its two horns :)

4. Click Post button – job done!

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