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Using Photoshop CS6 Patch Tool To Remove Unwanted Object In Less Than A Minute!

It’s fairly easy to fix a photo that contains unpleasant objects or stains (i.e. dust spots) by using the Photoshop Patch Tool.

As shown in this screencast, it takes just about 30 seconds to “flawlessly” remove the rubbish bin from image:

1. Uses the Lasso Tool to select the unwanted object. On Windows, press L to activate Lasso Tool.

2. Click the Patch Tool (or just press J on Windows).

3. Drag the selection (done by Lasso Tool on step-1) to adjacent area until the selected object disappears from view – job done!

Sometimes, you may require repeating (not redo) the process (all the 3 steps) to get a better, even flawless patching. For example, after removing the car, I might perform further correction on the road using the same steps, making it looks real (as if that car has never appeared in the image).

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