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How To Create XBMC Playlist In OpenELEC That Powered By Raspberry Pi?

Firstly, you must enable XBMC Library mode, then only you can create playlist.

In this video guide, the Library mode has turned on and the interaction with OpenELEC-XBMC is solely using a TV remote control that support HDMI CEC feature (in this demo, I’m using the Sony TV remote control):

1. On the Home screen, go to Music, then press the RIGHT arrow button on remote control to bring up XBMC sidebar menu.

2. From the Sidebar menu, go to Library Mode > Playlists > New playlist > press LEFT arrow button to move focus to left pane (System music files).

3. Use the UP / DOWN (or PROGRAM UP/DOWN button that function as Page-up/down of keyboard) to select (highlight) the target folder, then press hotkey to open context menu and click Add.
My Sony TV remote control can bring up XBMC context menu (OpenELEC Raspberry Pi ARM Version 3.2.3) by pressing the STOP then PLAY button. If yours have a TITLE button, that may work out of the box too.

4. Now, all supported media files in the added folder should be appearing on the right pane. If you have more audio files in different folder to add to playlist, just repeat the previous step-3.

When you’re done with step-4, press RIGHT button to shift focus back to middle pane, select “Save Playlist” and give it a name – mission completed!

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