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How To Create Miniature Scene Effect In Photoshop CS6?

Applying miniature effect (tilt-shift) to a boring wide-angle photo may create an interesting perspective.

In Photoshop CS3, I use Quick Mask and Gradient tool to create tilt-shift photography effect – though it’s a 5-step guide, a beginner will take some time to accomplish the image editing process.

It is easier to use Photoshop CS6 to create tilt-shift / miniature effect.

Now, this task becomes easier in Photoshop CS6 that comes with an intuitive tilt-shift filter:

Just go to Filter menu, select Blur and then Tilt-Shift. Next, all you need is just the mouse, to rotate or adjust the width of stripes related to clarity and smudge. You may also apply crop (as shown in the silent screencast) to compose an even better / different perspective.

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