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Download Kaspersky IS 2014 Patch C For Windows 8.1

If you want to run Kaspersky Internet Security on Windows 8.1, it must be the latest KIS 2014 with at least Patch B. Otherwise you’ll end up with installation error related to compatibility issue.

At this time of writing, Kaspersky has rolled out Patch C for KIS 2014 (on Nov 6, 2013) that contains fixes related to user interface, virtual keyboard, dangerous websites blocking module, and Kaspersky URL Advisor plug-ins in the browser Internet Explorer 11.

Only Kaspersky IS 2014 Patch B or latest version are compatible with Windows 8.1
Suppose that KIS automatic update setting is enabled, the patch C should be automatically installed.
Right click the KIS icon at system tray (Notification Area; where the date/time is shown) and select About option. It should say Kaspersky Internet Security, indicating that patch C has installed.

If you plan to install afresh, then download the official KIS 2014 Patch C from Kaspersky USA. As of now, the international site has yet published the patch C installer.

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