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How To Enable Library Mode On OpenELEC-XBMC?

Enable access to XBMC Library modeAfter installing OpenELEC on Raspberry Pi, the XBMC Library mode is disabled (greyed out). How do you enable it?

Well, you must have added the media files to XBMC Library, and then only its Library mode option is enabled.

As long as the media files contain valid ID tag, all you need to do is scan the files to XBMC library.

How to add media files to XBMC Library?

Select / highlight the folder or files, then right click to bring up context menu and select scan item to library.

As the XBMC supports HDMI CEC feature, you might be able to use the TV remote control to access context menu. Otherwise, you’ve to use a USB mouse attached to Raspberry Pi for accessing various options in context menu.

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