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How To Change OpenELEC-XBMC UI To Chinese?

The default UI of OpenELEC-XBMC is English, but it’s darn easy to switch it to Chinese in less than a minute.

Here is a silent screencast for demo, to complement the steps below:

From the Home screen, navigate to System > Settings > Appearance > Skin.

1. On the right pane, go to Fonts and set it to Arial based. After change the font, move the selection focus to other page and then move back to “Skin” page again, to confirm the font change has successfully committed!

2. Now, go to “International” page and set the Language (on right pane) to Chinese Simple (or Traditional Chinese, up to you) – Job done!

Obviously, the font must be changed from skin default to Arial based, and then only you can switch the OpenELEC-XBMC UI language to Chinese. Otherwise, not only the Chinese UI fails to show properly, some menu options appear as blank too.

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