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How To Open OpenELEC-XBMC Context Menu Using Remote Control Of TV?

For Raspberry Pi owners who run OpenELEC as home media system, you may use a TV remote control to access the XBMC context menu, IF the TV supports HDMI CEC function.

CEC, known as Consumer Electronics Control, comes in many trade names. For example, Anynet+ (Samsung), BRAVIA Link or BRAVIA Sync (Sony), VIERA Link or HDAVI Control or EZ-Sync (Panasonic), etc. If you’re not sure it has HDMI CEC feature, please check the manual.

As shown in this video, the Sony remote control hotkey for accessing the OpenELEC-XBMC context menu requires two different keypress, i.e.:

1. Press STOP button and release it,
2. Then, press PLAY button.

Both of these STOP and PLAY buttons must be related to HDMI CEC (BRAVIA Sync):

Sony remote control hotkey for activating XBMC context menu.
The XBMC context menu allows quick access to contextual options which are not shown elsewhere on the display. For example, the context menu of file mode music manager provides option to catalog media items into library.

NOTE: This hotkey may not be functioning in your remote control. If there is a “TITLE” button on yours, that maybe is the correct button to bring up XBMC context menu.

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    Thanks a lot! I was searching a way for ages!

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