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How To Open Desktop Apps And Windows Store Apps Side By Side In Windows 8.1?

With Windows 8, you can’t open both the Windows Store app and legacy Desktop program side by side. On Windows 8.1, however, not only you can see the apps of both worlds at one glance, it allows users to open up to 4 apps on a screen at a time (depends on the screen resolution).

As shown here, I’ve Windows Mail app, Calculator app, the legacy Desktop File Explorer opened and seen on a Full HD display. Besides, the new Windows 8.1 snap function allows me resizes the width of app windows (by dragging the divider between them).

Windows 8.1 resizable snap function
For those who are still using Windows 8, you should really consider upgrade it to Windows 8.1 – it’s free!!!

Here is the video (silent screencast) to show you how to use the Windows 8.1 snap window function to arrange and resize the legacy Windows program and Metro app on a screen:

NOTE: Unless you’ve a high resolution display settings, the maximum number of app windows that can open side by side is lesser than 3.

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