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New Google Chrome Helps Users Easily Identify Tabs That Make Noise!

For those who are using the latest Google Chrome v32 beta, you should have noticed the multimedia indicator appears on tabs that are playing music / ads / video / sound, accessing your webcam, or being cast to TV.

Imagine that you’re opening few tabs and suddenly one of the websites automatically playing irritated video ad. In the past, you can either mute the sound system or cycle through each browser tabs to find the source and stop the player.

Google Chrome 32 beta helps users identify tabs that are playing sound, using webcam, or being cast to TV.

With Google Chrome beta v32, however, you can easily spot the tabs that are making noise and go straight to deal with it. Of course, mute the speaker is till lot faster, if you don’t mind to work without listening to favorite music.

Wanted to try it now? Here you go – Google Chrome beta installer.

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