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Raspberry Pi’s OpenELEC Root Password

What is the OpenELEC root password? How to change the Raspberry Pi’s OpenELEC root password?

According to official reference, the default root password is openelec and at this time of writing there is no easy way to change this default root password (of version 3.2.2).

Yes, it’s feasible to remount the OpenELEC root file system in writable mode. It does provide the passwd program too, but that binary can only display a message that says same thing – you can’t change the root password :)
OpenELEC is a customized Linux built to serve only one purpose, that’s running XBMC to serve as home media server. Thus, it has to be really simple, hiding most if not all of the Linux server/PC features but expose any functions related to home media center for end users.

All I want is it boots up into XBMC and starts functioning as home media center! That’s the reason I choose OpenELEC.

If you’re so desperately concern about the default root password:

1. Customize your own copy of OpenELEC

2. Uses cryptpass (Python script) to change OpenELEC root password (I don’t test/verify this).

3. Disable SSH password login from OpenELEC GUI, enforces the use of SSH key to perform remote access to OpenELEC.

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