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Configure Raspberry Pi OpenELEC To Display Chinese Characters

Correction: It should be the XBMC, the media player, that’s configured to display Chinese characters in the OpenELEC operating system.

Personally, I prefer OpenELEC in English GUI but it must able to display Chinese characters found in media titles. Of course, I can also change its user interface to be fully Chinese in no time.

The latest OpenELEC for Raspberry Pi version 3.2.2 supports multilingual user interfaces as well as non-English characters used in media file name.

If you’ve a collection of mp3 files that named in both English and Chinese characters, the OpenELEC media file manager will only show the English characters and hide those non-English characters (in my case) or render them in unreadable/weird format.

OpenELEC supports Chinese characters.

It’s not difficult to resolve this irritating problem. All you’ve to do is tweak its default setting.

This is the only little change you need, to make the Raspberry Pi’s OpenELEC shows Chinese characters file name:
As you may know, OpenELEC supports HDMI CEC function. That’s mean you can control OpenELEC GUI via TV remote control.

Although most of the modern TV supports HDMI CEC, they use different trade name to refer this feature. For example, Samsung calls it Anynet+, Sony names it Bravia Link or Bravia Sync, Panasonic VIERA Link, etc.

Go to Home menu, System, Settings, Appearance, and Skin – change the font form “Skin default” to “Arial based”.

OpenELEC for Raspberry Pi as home media system

It is NOT necessary to change the “Character set” (in International menu, on left pane) from “Default” to anything related to Chinese. Although my video shows that I did change it to “Chinese Traditional (Big5)” character set, I assure you that leaving this to “Default” works just fine on my setup!
Really, you do not have to copy any true type font from elsewhere into its font folder. The default font is sufficient for OpenELEC to support Chinese characters, as far as my installation can tell.

For those who want to change its GUI to Chinese version, you must first change the font type to “Arial based” (the prerequisite), then go to International and change the Language to Chinese.

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    Thank you so much for the fix!

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