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How To Recover Your Hacked Facebook Account With Any Of Your Old Passwords?

Your precious Facebook account has been compromised; someone has changed your password and is controlling it now. How could you regain control?

If you still remember any old password of your Facebook account, you can easily regain control and kick the bad guys out in no time (no need to wait hours or days or weeks for FB investigation)!
That means Facebook caches all passwords used by all of its users (FB is holding a big password dictionary in its coffer)! Otherwise, you can’t do this self-service, by using old password to recover a compromised account.

Just browse to this official page and follow the given instructions.

Uses old password to recover cover your compromised FB account.

I used this trick to change the FB Post-by-email address (but this special email address seems has silently retired from personal account; still available in FB Pages). You can also use this trick to change the Facebook security questions.

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  1. Viney Dhiman 22-05-15@13:59

    This trick didn’t work for me, as there is no option to add old password

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