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How To Find My Internet IP Address?

Even if you’re connecting directly to the Internet at home without using a proxy server, the IP address you see from the native operating system networking command may not be showing the real Internet IP address (a.k.a. public IP, WAN IP).

That’s to say, the IP address returned by /sbin/ifconfig |grep inet (Linux) or ipconfig | findstr -i ipv (Windows) maybe is the private IP address.

What’s this Internet IP address?
In short, Internet IP address is the one that seen and recognized by web server. No matter how many computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone are accessing Internet from your home network, there is only one Internet IP recognized by the web server. This WAN IP is assigned by ISP to the residential gateway device (e.g. the router modem) that talks directly with the ISP.

So, how to find your Internet/WAN/public IP?

There are many ways to Rome, and here are just two ways that I usually go:

Just enter “public ip” or “internet ip” in Google Search, and then the search engine will show your Internet IP as first result:

Uses Google Search to check your public IP address.

Uses who.is website to find your public IP address.Alternatively, browse to who.is.

Here, your public IP is hyperlinked to more info that may tell you which ISP you’re connecting with (when using a public WiFi hotspot).

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