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Force Google Chrome To Search Via Google USA

You think that Google Search USA is returning better result than the localized Google Search service. Therefore, you want Google Chrome to always search via Google.com instead of Google.com.xx or Google.xx.

So, here you go – configure the Google Chrome to use Google Search USA, always!

This trick was mentioned in May 2012 and it’s still applicable on Google Chrome version 30.0.1599.66 beta-m:

1. Go to Settings, i.e. on Google Chrome, browse to

2. Click “Manage search engine” button

3. In the “Other search engines” section, Enter “Google USA” in the first two boxes and http://www.google.com/search?&q=%s in the 3rd box (right-most) and then hit ENTER key (to add):

Change Google Chrome default search engine to use Google USA version.

4. Move mouse pointer to rest on this new added record, the “Make default” button appears – click it:

Force Google Chrome to search via Google.com

5. Done. From now on, whenever you enter search term in Google Chrome address bar, it will use Google.com to search.

If you’re expat in the States and want the Google Chrome to use home country version of Google Search, this same trick works too! Just update the Google Search domain in 3rd box accordingly. For example, change google.com to google.bs (which is Google Search of the Bahamas).

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