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Why Firefox Clear History Hotkey Is Not Working?

Firefox Clear All History HotkeyThe Mozilla Firefox hotkey to clear history is CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE, which when pressed will bring up the “Clear All History” dialog box for user to decide how the web browsing trails (e.g. cookies, caches, etc) should be emptied by web browser.

If there is nothing pops up in response to this keyboard shortcut, then how to fix it?

Restore Firefox CTRL+SHIFT+DEL hotkey functionality

Open the Options dialog box, or browse to about:preferences (c.f. The list of Firefox About: URI), then go to Privacy tab:

Disable Firefox Clear History hotkey

To enable Firefox browser responses to CTRL+SHIFT+DEL keyboard shortcut, you must not turn on “Always use private browsing mode” checkbox (highlighted in yellow color, as shown)!

NOTE, this solution is tested on Firefox 23.0.1 and should be working in other versions too, until Firefox developers decide to remove this native hotkey.

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