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The Nagios Setup Guide For Starters

I wrote two posts pertaining to this subject, but there is no reference on Nagios configuration file (i.e. nagios.cfg and various related .cfg files) that tells Nagios what and how to monitor.

If you’re new to Nagios and want to get Nagios up and running for pilot test in no time, this Instant Nagios Starter book should serve you well.

It’s a compact, easy to understand reference written by one of the Nagios lead developers, covers topics from installing to configuring Nagios server, various plugins, and agents (NRPE, NRDP, NSClient++) for monitoring servers and services in an active or passive check mode.

Besides, it also touches on Nagios capability in data visualization and reporting via built-in report/graph tools or add-on like NagVis, Nagios BPI, Ndoutils, etc.

If you’re not new or have basic knowledge in Linux, particular CentOS or RHEL, this instant Nagios guide can certainly help you start using the enterprise-class computer infrastructure monitoring solution in less than half business day.

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