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Tweak IE10 Session Management To Access Multiple OWA Email Accounts Concurrently

The nomerge option has been superseded by the noframemerging option in IE8 or above. Besides, you also have to start Internet Explorer in the InPrivate browsing mode, should you want to access multiple web accounts of same domain.

In order to achieve unique and independent browsing sessions, you should run IE with NoFrameMerging option and InPrivate browsing mode (play this video in full screen mode at 720/1080p for clarity):

Imagine a vendor whose company email is hosted by Google Apps, Office365, Exchange Online, or Outlook Web App (OWA). When he/she is configuring/troubleshooting the same email service of client, accessing 2 or more email accounts concurrently is inevitable. If the web browser has to be Internet Explorer, then this trick is useful.
Please refer to previous post for written guide, which is also based on Windows 8 IE10. This trick should be applicable to IE8+ on Windows Vista / Windows 7 as well.

Since I only use IE to access “important” websites that require login account and done most of the web browsing activities on Google Chrome, I’m OK with IE InPrivate browsing mode that doesn’t remember my browsing history.

With reference to Windows Internet Explorer Command-Line Options.

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