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NoFrameMerging + InPrivate = Unique IE10 Browsing Session

How to force IE10 opens as unique session so that I can concurrently sign in multiple Gmail accounts of different credential in different browser window?

In the past with IE8, it works by using -nomerge or -noframemerging option to open each IE window. This trick, however, doesn’t work well in some cases, even with the latest Internet Explorer 10.

Luckily, there is an ultimate solution, which easily allows Internet Explorer users to achieve this objective.
I have tested this trick on the latest IE10 and confirm it enables me to simultaneously access Gmail / Hotmail / Outlook.com / Yahoo! Mail / Facebook with two different accounts! If I log out from one account, it doesn’t log me out from the other account, which is exactly what I want!

The trick is to open each IE8/9/10 window (NOT tabbed window; must be a new, separate IE window!) with these two command-line options:
"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -noframemerging -private

To make life easier:

1. Right click on the IE shortcut that you used to open Internet Explorer and select Properties.

If you’ve pinned IE shortcut to Taskbar, then right click the IE icon on Taskbar and right click again on “Internet Explorer” followed by selecting Properties:

IE shortcut pinned to Taskbar

2. In the Internet Explorer Properties dialog box, go to Shortcut tab, append these two IE command-line options to the target field (NOTE: add a space to the end of the existing text in Target field, then only paste these line to it, as shown in the image):
-noframemerging -private

Append that two IE option switches to the IE shortcut, so that you can simultaneously login multiple accounts of the same web app or service.

Now, your IE10 should allow you to sign in multiple accounts concurrently (e.g. Office 365)!

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