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Uses Firefox Native Setting To Change User Agent String

This video guide is based on Firefox 21.0, demonstrates the trick of changing Firefox user agent string from default value to anything you want it to be.

As you may know, each web browser (or any web client) has an ID known as user agent string (UA). Some websites make use of this user agent string to deny access, restrict view, or deliver different format of the content, etc.

So, for whatever reasons, one may want to change the web browser default UA to something else. With Firefox, there is no need to rely on plugin or additional program, as there is a native Firefox setting to change its UA at wish.

As shown by my silent screencast:

1. Go to about:config page and click “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button.

2. Type useragent in the Search box.

3. Right click on the blank space of setting box, choose New then String, enter general.useragent.override and click OK, enter the user agent string you want it to be and click OK – job done.

Usng Firefox native setting to change user agent string.4. Now, go to about:, the new UA should be seen in the “Build identifier:” (last line).

To restore default value, just right click on the setting (created in step-3) and select “Reset” option. It’s as easy as pie, isn’t it?

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