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The List Of Little Known Firefox About: Page

It’s not a secret, but you may not already know that Firefox has some secret / hidden pages to show even it’s offline (not connecting to Internet).

All these little known pages (to average users) start with this about: keyword. For example, the about:robots shows a robot:

Firefox secret robot.

The about:cache lists all Firefox cache folders (memory, disk, and offline cache devices) that store media files used in the visited webpages.

The about:config contains a hell of a lot of Firefox settings that most users don’t bother to know or deal with. In this config page, you can find the native setting mentioned in previous post to change the Firefox user agent string.

Can’t remember all these hidden pages URI? Well, you don’t have to remember all but just this one will do – about:about lists all of the Firefox hidden pages (about 20+ in Firefox 21.0).

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