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Where Is IE Cache Folder?

If I’ve remembered it correctly, IE7 in Windows Vista is the first Internet Explorer that uses super hidden folder to cache web page content.

That’s to say, even if you’ve enabled the Windows File Explorer to show all hidden files and folders, including the protected system files, this “super hidden” cache folder is still invisible.

So, where the heck is this super hidden cache folder?

If you’re using Internet Explorer 7 (or latest) on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (or latest) – try this:

Firstly, configure File Explorer to be able display hidden files and folders.

Next, copy this path to Windows File Explorer or Internet Explorer address bar and hit ENTER key:

Open and access to the super hidden Internet Explorer cache folder

Alternatively, run this command in Windows Command Prompt:
start %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Tempor~1\low\Content.IE5

This supper hidden folder, called “low”, which contains the Internet Explorer cache of web contents, is not visible in the “Temporary Internet Files” folder (which is the IE6 cache folder).

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