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Where Are The Windows Bing App Photos?

Every day the Windows Bing app downloads new photo from the Internet to repaint its background image, but do you know where does the Bing app save all these daily images in your local hard disk?

Copy Windows Bing app daily background images.

Copy the Bing app wallpaper

Find the path and copy only the beautiful images to backup drive or make them as new candidates of Windows Desktop wallpaper. If you want it to be Windows 8 lock screen photo, the Bing app itself already has a function to set its background image as Windows lock screen image.

Open Command Prompt to run this command:
start %localappdata%\packages

Alternatively, open File Explorer and enter this path to its Address bar:

Locate and access to Microsoft.Bing_... folder, then open its sub-folder LocalState – that’s the folder path where Windows Bing app saves the current and past 7 days daily images (available in both landscape and portrait display resolution format).

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